laurie breton

Women's Fiction With Heart

REDEMPTION ROAD: Jackson Falls Book 5


Whenever Colleen Bradley Berkowitz imagined her homecoming to the tiny rural enclave of Jackson Falls, Maine—if she ever thought about it at all—she certainly didn’t picture herself coming home widowed and penniless, with her tail tucked between her legs, and driving a car that should have long since gone on to its eternal reward.

Dependent upon the largesse of the sister she’s barely spoken to in a decade, Colleen is determined to get the hell out of Dodge the minute she has enough money saved up to escape. But fate seems to have other plans. Her sister is determined to repair their broken relationship. The son she left behind all those years ago is in crisis and needs his mother. And then, there’s the incomparable Harley Atkins, whose come-hither blue eyes and soft Georgia accent are enough to make any red-blooded woman reconsider her options.

REDEMPTION ROAD is a heartwarming story about love, about sisterhood, and about second chances.