laurie breton

Women's Fiction With Heart

THE MILES BETWEEN US: Jackson Falls Book 6


Rock musician Rob MacKenzie is in New York, producing the latest record album for a spoiled teenage pop star, when an unexpected loss sends his comfortable life into a tailspin. Reluctant to leave his wife, Casey, alone at their home in small-town Maine, Rob brings her and their two daughters back with him to New York while he finishes the album.

But Casey isn’t the same woman she was before. Too many losses have brought her to a dark place where he can’t seem to reach her. They've become two strangers facing each other from opposite ends of a long dining table. As the distance between them grows, Rob tries frantically to hold onto the woman he's loved since he was twenty years old. But for the first time in the two decades he's known her, Rob can't put Casey back together. While Casey seeks her own solution to their dilemma, Rob's juggling act includes a growing suspicion that he may have taken a wrong turn somewhere along the way.

When everything falls apart, can love go the distance?