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COMING HOME: Jackson Falls Book 1


The book that started it all!

From USA Today bestselling author Laurie Breton comes a sweeping romantic saga, spanning two decades, a gritty, realistic, and sometimes heartbreaking love story.

He had the face of an angel, a voice that could rip your heart to shreds, and a single blinding ambition: to be a rock star. She was four weeks away from marrying her childhood sweetheart when he blew into her life and turned it upside down.

Eighteen year-old Casey Bradley has been writing songs since she was twelve. Danny Fiore is a singer with the looks, the talent, and the determination to match his soaring ambition. When Casey walks away from everything she’s ever known to marry this charismatic man, she knows that together, they can move mountains. Partnering with brilliant guitarist and composer Rob MacKenzie, Casey writes the songs that catapult her husband to a fame beyond their wildest imaginings. But the road to success is rocky, and littered with land mines. Rivers of darkness flow through her troubled marriage, and every time Danny breaks her heart, it’s Rob who picks her up, dusts her off, and sets her back on her feet.

It isn’t until an unimaginable tragedy strikes that Casey begins to question who she is and what she really wants from life. In the process, she discovers the surprising truth that the choices a woman makes at thirty aren’t necessarily the same ones she made at eighteen.

JUST A FEW of the things that readers have said about COMING HOME: 

"This book just took my breath away."

"Powerful and Emotional MUST READ."

"Bloody brilliant."

"This book is for anyone who has ever loved so hard that they lost themselves along the way."

"Absolutely breathtaking love story."

"Life is messy. Love is hard."