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Come Home to Jackson Falls -- Stories of Love, Life, and Family

Somewhere in the hills of Western Maine lies the fictional town of Jackson Falls, home of the Bradley-Lindstrom-MacKenzie clan. Here, you'll find tales of love, life, rock and roll, and growing into the person you were meant to be.  Peopled with realistic and charismatic characters, these stories speak to the heart but aren't afraid to tackle the sometimes gritty realities of life. Come home to Jackson Falls. You won't regret the trip!

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In the delivery room, she's a goddess. In the real world, Doctor Deb Levasseur's life is a mess. The beloved baby doctor has spent the last two decades avoiding Christmas. This year, she decides to compromise and extend the olive branch to her estranged sister. But life is what happens while you're making other plans, and when her hopes for a nice family Christmas fall through, Deb impulsively invites handsome widower Sam Goodwin to Christmas dinner. Will this Christmas be a dud like so many others, or will the good doctor find the courage to reach out for what she really wants?

Sometimes, Christmas miracles really do happen.



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Introducing the new BEYOND JACKSON FALLS Series!

FACE THE MUSIC: Beyond Jackson Falls Book 1

When there's nothing left to lose, will you turn to the one person who can save you?

A  dozen years ago, they were high-school sweethearts, until life took them in different directions. Marine Mike Lindstrom lived and breathed the Corps until an IED ended his career and took away the most precious thing in his life. Emotionally and physically broken, he’s come home to the small Maine town of Jackson Falls to heal. But Mikey’s not the man he once was. Angry, bitter, and grieving, he’s adrift, lost in a sea of anxiety, nightmares, and well-meaning family. He's as broken as Humpty-Dumpty. Nobody can put him back together again.

And then Paige MacKenzie walks back into his life.

Rock-and-roll royalty, Paige was recently dumped and publicly humiliated by her fiancé. She’s come home to lick her wounds and wait for the media frenzy to die down before she returns to L.A. to finish her next album. The first person she runs into is the man she almost married at seventeen. The last she’d heard, Mikey Lindstrom was halfway around the globe, saving the world. They haven’t spoken in twelve years, and that’s just fine by her.

So why does she feel like Mikey’s drowning, and she’s the only one who can save him?




A Standalone Romantic Suspense Novel

A steamy Southern summer. A beautiful ex-con. A burned-out cop. And a killer on the loose.

Wrongly convicted of her husband’s brutal murder, Kathryn McAllister has spent the last four years in a North Carolina prison for a crime she didn’t commit. When new evidence leads to the overturn of her conviction, Kathryn returns to the sleepy little town of Elba, North Carolina, determined to clear her name and find Michael McAllister’s killer.

Police chief Nick DiSalvo has come to Elba to bury himself someplace where he can forget his past and pretend he was born the day he drove into town. His plan is working until Kathryn McAllister walks through the door of his office, hell-bent on justice.

Drawn to each other by an irresistible heat, Nick and Kat are at cross-purposes. He wants her out of his hair; she wants to bag a killer. When the sizzling attraction between them explodes into full-blown passion, they discover that in this picturesque Southern town of many secrets, nothing is as it appears. As they draw nearer to discovering the identity of Michael McAllister’s killer, they unearth a secret so terrible that one individual would stop at nothing—including killing again—to keep them from uncovering it.




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Laurie Breton has been writing since she was eight years old. The author of the acclaimed Jackson Falls Series, she lives in a small town in Maine with her husband and two Chihuahua-mix dogs named River and Bella. When she's not writing, you may find her at the beach with her camera, rocking out at a Bon Jovi concert, exploring the streets of Boston, or simply driving the back roads of Maine, looking for inspiration. She is currently working on her next book.